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Transformation Through Hypnosis is written by Mary Beth, Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner.  She shares her personal journey with hypnosis and teaches the reader techniques of how to change themselves.  Each chapter is written in letter format to “My Dearest One”, the reader.  When the book is read it will feel as if Mary Beth is sitting next to you showing you how to create and transform by clearing the mind and creating positive thoughts.

Mary Beth teaches the reader how to create a clear mind and bring calm into their lives with hypnosis.  She shows the reader by clearing the mind you gain the control back from the fears and blocks.  Learn how to move forward from the past with hypnosis.

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    About The Book

    The book shows how safe, effective and relaxing hypnosis is.  Each letter ends with a teaching box so the reader gets to learns step by step how easy self hypnosis is.   The book includes a downloadable MP3

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