Sound Sessions

Sound and Hypnosis

Hearing the sound and feeling the vibration of a tibetan bowl for the first time can touch your soul.  Sound can move through you and help to release emotions, feelings or energy.  Sometimes it stirs emotions up that can then be processed in hypnosis.   Sound can bring a calm and beautiful radiance within.  Emotional and physical healing can come with sound and positive intentions.

The sound of a harp can produce peace, crystal bowl brings calm, a flute can be stirring, a rain stick creates tranquility, and tuning forks can break up stuckness.  Instruments can place you to deeper states of relaxation and meditation.  Five people can be in a room and the sound can affect each one differently.  Everyone experiences sound the way it is meant to be received for them.

Allow The Healing Vibration From Sound To Raise Your Spirit

Instruments create sound and vibration.  Some sounds are high, low, peaceful or shrill.   Sound can stir things and bring up emotions.   By using sound to move feelings, or emotions through the body they can be released.  Sounds can lift us up so we feel happier, calmer and at peace.

Sound creates deep relaxation that so the body feels lighter, calm and relaxed.

Individual or group sessions can be booked for sound.  Mary Beth has worked with HR wellness programs to bring sound to lunch and learns, meetings, and health fairs.  Sound creates a great night for Friends to gather or for relaxation for the bridal party.  Contact Mary Beth to inquire about it.


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