About Mary

“I have a passion for hypnosis, sound and helping people.  I see wonderful results with hypnosis for people to create a tool belt of coping skills that can be used daily to keep balance and calm.  There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing someone shift and change to a better life.”

Mary Beth

Mary Beth creates a special welcoming and safe energy to work in private sessions, webinars or workshops.She is trained in Clinical Hypnosis, Medical Hypnosis, Natal Regression, Past Life Regression and Sound Healing.  Soon after she came back from hypnosis training she went to a function with tibetan bowls.  The tibetan bowls resonated deeply to her soul.  She soon found her own special tibetan bowl (and many others since) and over time collected a variety of instruments that she uses in sessions.  By blending sound with hypnosis it gives clients a deeper, more profound relaxing and vibrational experience.  Sound can even be felt in online sessions.  Mary Beth uses her intuition and feels called to use different instruments in sessions based on what the client needs.   

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