How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is a natural relaxed state that people go into every day.  In order to be hypnotized the mind needs to be cleared of thoughts to go into the subconscious. In hypnosis there is an awareness of the surrounding noises even though a deep relaxed state is achieved.  Most people can relate the feeling to a day dream state being similar to hypnosis.  All that is needed is an open mind and a desire to work on the goal.  Learning hypnosis techniques to clear the mind helps create a calm life.

Part of a hypnosis practitioner’s job is to make the client feel safe, non-judged, welcome and comfortable.  Some people come in excited to try hypnosis, others a bit skeptical and sometimes it is a last resort.   There needs to be an openness and desire to make changes because no one can make you do something you don’t want to do in hypnosis.  Most people can benefit from hypnosis. Success in hypnosis comes from collaboration between the hypnosis practitioner and the client.  Combining the hypnosis practitioners skills with the client’s desire to make changes, listen to the recording, repeat affirmations and push through the issue are all important components to transformation through hypnosis.

4-6 Sessions To work On A Goal

It typically takes 4-8 sessions to work on a goal in hypnosis.  More sessions are needed for additional goals.  Everything is confidential in the sessions.  The first session is the goal session and is typically 2 hours.  Hypnosis is explained, questions are answered and hypnosis is induced 3-4 times during the first session.  A positive script is written together about achieving the goal and read to you in hypnosis at the end of the session.  There is always a lot of visualization in each session because if you can see it you can achieve it!  A recording of the script is created to receive the benefits of hypnosis daily.  Listening to the recording daily is part of the process as well as saying positive affirmations daily.  Everyone is taught how to clear the mind with self hypnosis.  People typically find themselves more relaxed, calmer and an increased awareness of the issue after the first session.The follow up sessions are 45 minutes to an hour.   Each session builds upon the other.  A follow up session always starts with a check in to understand how hypnosis is helping and what needs to be reinforced.  Follow up sessions involve different hypnosis techniques depending on what is needed to release, heal, and to gain insight through inner work.  Being open, clearing the mind and creating a peaceful state allows the answers to come.  Typically sessions occur weekly but can be longer time depending on scheduling.

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The Focus Is On You In Hypnosis

Everyone comes to hypnosis with different goals, beliefs and perspectives.  Every session is created with your beliefs which is why everyone gets something different out of the work.  Some people want to just work on a goal itself and others to dig deeper to remove it all.  There is no right or wrong because it is all about the client and his or her needs.   In hypnosis Mary Beth check’s in with you to see if you want to explore what comes up.  It is always a safe and nurturing environment when working with Mary Beth.

Healing And Spiritual Growth Through Hypnosis

 Hypnosis can help support physical and emotional healing.  If the desire is there spiritual growth can be a benefit from hypnosis.  Empowerment happens in hypnosis by tapping into the power that everyone has within.  Everyone has the power to heal themselves and create better lives.

Online Hypnosis Sessions

Sessions can be online, in person or at group workshop seminars.  Online sessions are secure and use HIPPA compliant softwareOnline hypnosis sessions are convenient because it can be done from home and are clear and effective.  Phones are turned off during all sessions to avoid any interruption for hypnosis.  All that is needed for an online session is a quiet environment, a clear schedule and a comfortable place to sit, lie down or recline.  Schedule your online session today!