In order to be hypnotized the mind needs to be cleared of thoughts to go into the subconscious.

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    Transformation Through Hypnosis is written by Mary Beth, Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner.

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    Welcome to A Path Of Peace.

    I am Mary Beth Battaglia and I want to help you find your path to an extraordinary life!  Do you want to find the power within you to manifest the life you desire?

    Take control over stress and worries and find the path to calm, joy and peace.  Isn’t it time to release, let go and move forward with confidence?

    Learn how to clear the mind, move past crippling fears, create positive thoughts and take charge of your life with hypnosis and sound.  In hypnosis you can release the blocks and tap into the answers within you to gain clarity, increase self esteem, find purpose and love.

    Seize this moment and take the first step towards change and contact Mary Beth at 833-732-2333!  Make an appointment today for individual, group, life coach sessions, webinar or corporate programs and create the extraordinary life you deserve!

    Hypnosis can help with so many issues including:

    • Healing from grief

    • Relationships

    • Changing unwanted habits

    • Increase confidence and self worth

    • Prosperity

    • Weight loss

    • Medical issues

    • Reduce stress and anxiousness in your life

    • Fear of public speaking

    • Fear of flying

    • Fear of needles

    • Phobias

    • Spiritual Growth

    Mary Beth Is An Author And Leader Who Guides Others In Discovering A Path Of Peace

    Mary Beth is the author of Transformation Through Hypnosis, a Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner, Sound Practitioner, Reiki 1 Practitioner, Hypnosis Expert on CYACYL, Labyrinth Walker and Traveler of peaceful paths throughout the World.   Mary Beth’s hypnosis tips can be heard on Conversations With Joan Radio Show, on New York’s AM970 The Answer.  She is leading the path of hypnosis to bring it main stream so people see the benefits and how effective it is.

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    Many Ways To Work With Mary Beth

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    (833) 732-2333

    There are many ways to work with Mary Beth.  Online sessions can be booked from the website, read Transformation Through Hypnosis, listen to an MP3’s for your goal, or check the calendar for webinars and group programs.  Schedule an online package today!

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    In order to be hypnotized the mind needs to be cleared of thoughts to go into the subconscious.

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    Hearing the sound and feeling the vibration of a tibetan bowl for the first time can touch your soul.

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    Learn Empowering Tools With Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is a natural relaxed state that is similar to a daydream state.  In hypnosis You are always in control.  Hypnosis can be empowering work that creates shifts to live a positive, abundant life.  Don’t you deserve that?  Hypnosis can create peace and calm by emptying thoughts.  Watch the hypnosis videos to learn how to clear the mind and take control of creating positive thoughts to manifest the life you desire.  Learn to be calmer, have a peaceful heart and live a tranquil life through hypnosis.   Gain back the control from the fears, stuckness and habits in order to move forward. 

    Transformation Through Hypnosis

    Mary Beth’s inspirational and personal book Transformation Through Hypnosis shares her story of how hypnosis changed her life and shows you how you can do the same! The book creates the special personal connection with the reader that occurs with individual sessions. Each chapter is written as a letter to you the reader. When reading the book it is as if Mary Beth is sitting next to you. Her love, support and encouragement is felt throughout the book. She shares her journey of hypnosis but best of all she shows the reader how they can create change for themselves!

    Sound Can Heal, Calm And Raise Vibrations

     Music can evoke calm, happiness and peace.  Just when a feel good song is needed it plays on the radio and happiness spreads all over.   Sound is POWERFUL!  Tibetan bowls and crystal bowls can induce a deep relaxed state as sound clears the mind.  Besides hearing the sound you can feel the vibration from the instrument which goes through you which can help release what needs to go and raises your vibration so peace and calm and happiness is restored.

    Online Hypnosis and Sound Sessions throughout the United States

    Online hypnosis sessions are very effective as are in person sessions. Secure HIPPA compliant video software is used. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops and sessions throughout the Country. Create 1 session custom hypnosis scripts and receive a personal recording to listen to daily. Sound is used in conjunction with hypnosis. Select packages that include a custom script, recording and work on releasing and letting things go. Book a session online to start creating the life you desire!

    Transformation Through Hypnosis is written by Mary Beth, Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner.  She shares her personal journey with hypnosis and teaches the reader techniques of how to change themselves.  Each chapter is written in letter format to “My Dearest One”, the reader.  When the book is read it will feel as if Mary Beth is sitting next to you showing you how to create and transform by clearing the mind and creating positive thoughts.


    Bring in Healing, Light And Love With Hypnosis And Sound

    By creating special hypnosis techniques Mary Beth brings in healing, light and love into the lives of people she works with.   She helps people ignite their own spark of light within.  Mary Beth’s approach to hypnosis is making everyone feel comfortable and getting to understand their goals in life.  By understanding each person’s life, powerful scripts are written to create the foundation for change.  As a path finder she gently helps people peel away the layers to remove the blocks in order to move forward.

    Hypnosis called to Mary Beth and when she answered it a new new life and path opened up.  She strives to give everyone she works with the opportunity to create new paths for change.  Everyone gets what they need out of hypnosis which makes the work so unique and individual.  She teaches every client how to clear the mind and empowers everyone to do this daily so life is easier.

    Hypnosis And Sound Workshops For Corporations Is Relaxing

    Mary Beth facilitates hypnosis and sound workshops for schools, corporations and any groups. Relaxation, Change Management, Positivity, Seeing Through New Lenses are just some of the many Corporate Programs.  Bringing relaxation to stressful corporate environments can increase moral, improve team work and create a calmer and productive work environment.   She does webinars, workshops and traveling throughout the country with her book Transformation Through Hypnosis in order to reach more people.   “My main goal for writing the book is to reach more people and show them that hypnosis is safe, positive and can be life changing work”. 

    Peaceful Paths Found In Traveling The World   

    Mary Beth travels throughout the world to find peaceful and energetic spots.  New instruments used in sound are found on some of these trips.  She has found a love of crystals in Arkansas, a peaceful heart in Assisi Italy, connected to labyrinths when visiting Chartes, France, connected to the energy in Mount Shasta, CA and wisdom in Peru.  She enjoys sharing the experiences with others through workshops and can take groups to experience it first hand. She has created group programs to France and Vermont and is always looking for a new adventure to learn and grow!